August 13, 2011

Letters to Them

(The third in an ongoing series of letters to my children.)

Dear Owen, Livi, and Remy,

I'm baaaaaaackkkk. Stop groaning. I have lots more to lecture you on, my kiddies. And this one's short and to the point, so let's get to it.

Have fun.

No really, have fun. Let go of your inhibitions and have a good time. Laugh out loud at inappropriate times. Dance in the streets or heck even the aisles of the grocery store. (And that's why your Dad probably avoids going to  the Wal-Mart with me.) Sing at the top of your lungs. All that cliche' stuff. Just whatever you do, make sure you have fun doing it.

Please don't let the day in, day out routine life stuff suck the fun out of you. Fun is not a place or a time or a drink or a song. Fun is an attitude. Don't be concerned about whether or not you're acting your age or whether or not people think you're a raging idiot. Tell them to pull the stick out. Okay, nevermind, don't say that. Those aren't kind words.

Are people giving you the evil eye when you're having a seemingly good time? First, check that you don't have something on your face or toilet paper stuck to your foot or that you've accidentally stumbled upon a funeral. Nope? Okay, then know that you're doing something right.


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  1. Love, love, love these. Such a precious gift!



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