August 17, 2011

Day 9/30

I had high hopes for today's assignment. In fact, when I had first glanced at the challenge list 9 days ago, today's was one that I was really, really excited about.

My hopes were dashed sometime around 10PM last night when I managed to throw out my lower back getting out of the bathtub. You read that right. I was minding my own business, stepping out of the tub and immediately felt a sharp stabbing in my lower right back. So after tossing and turning and cussing my bad luck all night, I'm stuck on the sofa reeking of Icy Hot.

At least the kids are being super helpful and I'm catching up on some much needed blog reading. Now if only I could make a Cadbury chocolate bar magically appear by my side, I'd almost be okay with being laid up.

Day 9: Faceless self portrait

1 comment:

  1. Need a reason to giggle?
    My dad threw out his back two days ago bending over to look in the fridge. Yes, the fridge. Just casually looking for food. Okay, maybe not that funny written this way... but, at least you're not alone in this thrown out back caused by household items thing!



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