July 24, 2011

And then there were Four

We've discussed adding a dog to our family for quite some time. 

Probably more than we discussed adding a third child to the mix. I'm not necessarily comfortable with dogs. In fact, I had been scared of most of them up until a few years ago.

After our vacation to Boston and seeing Owen and Olivia play so well with John's aunt and uncle's dog, we knew it was time to really think about it.

And there's no time like now, right?

This is our Chicory.
She's family now.

We got her Friday night. John and Owen drove down to Maryland to pick her up. She's a rescue pup (only 13 weeks old!) from Tennessee. Her, her mom and her pup brothers and sisters were found in a Rubbermaid container next to a river. 

The transition has been fantastic so far. (Knock on wood) 
She is especially fond of Remy.

And we're all in love with her.

The elusive husband creature included.

So we're dog people now.


1 comment:

  1. Awww pretty Chicory. She likes Remy because he is her size,lol! Congrats Helm Family on the new addition!



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