April 07, 2011

Weekly inspiration Vol. 2

I was brainstorming all day long yesterday for this post. I even wrote the dang thing out and saved it to my drafts only to scrap it. Why?

Well, yesterday was Owen's parent/teacher conference.

His teacher gave me Owen's journals from the beginning of the year to keep. I read through them when I got home and walked away with a couple laughs and a whole lot of inspiration.

How could a child's journal inspire me, you ask? Here are a couple examples.

This was his very first journal entry.

Lesson learned? Don't hit people. It'll make them cry.

Lesson learned? Fried food is fantastic.

Lesson learned? Never get too old to use your imagination.

Lesson learned? Always make time to be kind to others.

He even offered some advice.

"Do not put a timer in the microwave."

Thanks, buddy.

And then there's this little gem.


And then there was this.

Me too, buddy.

Sometimes seeing the world through a child's eyes is all the inspiration you need.

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness. that is so freakin' cute, I'm sure you know it, but you gotta gem right there.



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