March 24, 2011

A proper introduction

I've realized that not everyone reading this here quaint little blog knows me or family personally. And since I talk about these people dang near constantly, I feel that a little introduction is in order. 

This is John. I'm snagged him eight years ago. He's become something of a mythical creature in that photographs of him are few and far between. I like him. I like him a lot.

This is Owen. 

He made us a family. He's a scrawny, little fella with a personality the size of Mount Everest. He talks near incessantly and has been known to break dance in public at really inappropriate times. He's a major goober.

This is Olivia.

She's my muse. My shopping partner. The cat whisperer. She's fiercely independent (read: Bossy). She can be sweet as apple pie one second and a firecracker the next. She loves makeup and all things girly almost as much as she loves swinging from the curtains pretending she's Indiana Jones.

This is Remy.

He's new and shiny. From what I can gather, he might be (crossing my fingers, toes, and all other appendages) our quiet child. I spend most of my days trying to resist gobbling him up. He enjoys staring at ceiling fans and chewing on his hand. 

We're a loud bunch. We're usually "those people" in a restaurant. And we laugh a lot. It's the only way we don't lose our minds in the midst of the chaos.

So, that's us.

Now I want to know who y'all are. Introduce yourself in the comments below!


  1. Well hello! I am a mother of three, college friend of Dweej from HouseUnseen, and a brand new fan of yours. I live in San Diego because this is my huband's hometown and he's somewhat obsessed with it and I used to think I knew everything about the Church (after all, I was a cradle Catholic who read the whole Catechism in high school while constantly informing my classmates at our Presbyterian school) and know realizes I know next to nothing and isn't that wonderful because there's always new (to me) beauty to discover, new (to me) strengths to realize, new (to me) truths to love!

    1. Hi Mitzi! Woot for Dwija! How awesome is she? :)

      I was a cradle Catholic who knew absolutely nothing. Had never read the catechism, had never even heard the word transubstantiation. Unbelievable, right? The past few months have been such an awesome, humbling experience and I can't wait until I stop being such a chickenshit and share more. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! God bless.



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