February 09, 2011

Wee bit Wednesday

This is a fun weekly questionaire that some of my favorite bloggers participate in. I figured I would join the fun.

1. ice: crushed or cubed?
Cubed. Always cubed. The only time I'll do crushed is if I'm eating at the mecca of chicken, Raising Canes.

2. what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
Other than anything my husband does while driving? 
People who don't use their blinker. I'm really not easily aggravated.

3. what room in your house best represents your personality?
The dining room. It's a little old fashioned, a little formal, yet has toys all over the floor. 

4. do you save old birthday cards?
No. In fact, I don't keep hardly anything. I'm like an anti-packrat. If it doesn't serve a purpose or have some major sort of sentimental value, I toss it.

5. when was the last time you went on a picnic?
This past summer with my parents and the kids at one of the local state parks. That was probably one of favorite days from summer 2010.

6. do you regularly check your horoscope?

7. when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
Depends on the season. If it's winter I wear socks. Any other time? I'm barefoot. 

8. what’s your favorite gambling game?
Poker? I'd rather go shopping, thank you very much.

9. have you ever written (or started writing) a book?

10. what is your favorite musical?

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