February 18, 2011


Fun fact: Owen and Olivia never were and still aren't clingy children.

Spawn numero tres is not following in his older siblings footsteps.

I have a spoiled boy on my hands. Lately, I'm not allowed to leave the room without screams of terror and anguish. 

Okay, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but to my ears it sounds like my poor little rooster is going to turn into some sort of gremlin if he's not being held.

Since I can't even pee without one baby crying and one little girl following me asking me to help her paint her nails, this is where Remy spends most of his days.

He helps clean the bathroom.

And even helps clean his sister's room.

Based on his love of the carrier, I'm almost sure I'll be carrying him on my chest to get his driver's license.

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