February 03, 2011

So what's the story?

Once upon a time, in a dingy gas station restaurant, among the smell of boiled seafood and Philo burgers, girl met boy. Sounds lovely, right?

He was a bearded 20 year old who was never up to any good. She was a senior in high school with a penchant for "older men" who were up to no good.

You know where this is going. 

As my momma would say, we put the cart before the horse. Owen being the cart.

Nothing says love quite like teen pregnancy, eh? (Sidenote: how incredibly squishy and adorable are these two?) A couple years later, for some reason that's still unknown to me, someone with authority let us get married in the Catholic church! 

Fortunately, neither of us burst into flames while saying our vows and shortly after the wedding, we decided that the only thing better than embarrassing one child is embarrassing two. Welcome to the world, Olivia!

A couple years later, opportunity came a knockin', and she wanted us to move to Pennsylvania. Say whaaat? So we loaded up the biggest U-Haul truck we could afford and headed for the hills, I mean Alleghenies. Upon arrival, it promptly snowed on our parade.

Everyone point and laugh at the southerners who didn't own a snow shovel and had no clue where to get one.

 Then we bought a house.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up my first DSLR. It was love at first click.

Then we decided the only thing more fun than embarrassing two kids would be embarrassing three. Welcome to the world Remy!

...and that brings us to present day.

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