February 06, 2011

A little roadtrip

On the agenda today?

A last minute road trip to Pittsburgh to pick up a very special, very exciting (at least to me) item.

Owen wasn't so enthused about the two hour drive.

Off we go!

Oh oh oh! Look at my "let's guilt Jessica into taking pictures" present from my favorite crotchety New Yorker, Adriane. It's an Epiphanie bag! <--Click through to see the amazing camera bags they have.

Hi honey!

And they're out.

John: Seriously? What are you taking pictures of?

We detoured when we saw Red Robin. Yuuummm.

So, after spending the last year learning, shooting, and becoming best friends with my first DSLR, the Canon Rebel XS, I felt like it was time for an upgrade. My trusty Rebel will now become my back up camera because...

I GOT A 60D.

If it seems that I've suddenly dropped of the face of the planet, don't worry. I'll just be over here spooning with my new camera.

The end.

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