February 22, 2011

Home sweet home

I love South Louisiana.

I repeat, I LOVE South Louisiana with a fierceness one usually only reserves for their children.

Everything about Cajun country makes my heart sing. The people, the bayous, the music, the food...


That's what I miss the most. And while Pennsylvania does have its fair share of great cuisine...

Exhibit A

And Exhibit B 

..it still pales in comparison to my beloved Louisiana cuisine. Not surprisingly, the first thing John and I get excited about when discussing trips back home is food.

 And as silly as it may sound, we have compiled a list of all the things we plan on gorging ourselves with upon arrival.
1. Boiled crawfish
Because no trip home is ever complete without sucking the head and pinching the tail.

2. Fried Oysters

3. Fried shrimp po-boys

4. Popeye's fried chicken

5. King cake

6. And to wash it all down..

Anyone notice a theme?

Yes. My name is Jessica and I am a fried food addict.

Now excuse me. I'll be running on our hampster wheel 24/7 for the next week or so in preparation for the inevitable 10 pounds that I'll be gaining.

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